Norfolk Fishing Trips & Charter

Frequently-asked questions

Are children allowed aboard?

Yes children are very welcome, but there must be 1 adult per 3 children.

Are there any discounts?

Sorry, due completely to fuel cost rises we now do no discounts at all.

Do I have to book the whole boat (for 8 people)?

No. Single bookings are accepted however a minimum of 3 people are required to run a trips. Please refer to the available dates page to check how many places are available and try to choose a day where places have already been booked.

Do I need to be experienced?

Not at all, Nearly all of our customers are totally new to angling and we will show you what to do as the day progresses.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of £20.00 per person is required to secure your booking. The balance is required in cash on the day.

Do we catch Tope on 3 hour trips?

No, the 3 hour trips are for Mackerel and Bass when they are about (normally July-September)

Do you take debit/credit card payments?

Unfortunately we do not have the facility to accept debit/credit card payments over the phone but you can use them online in the shop. Once you have made a booking we will require a cheque or postal order.

Do you take stag parties and hen parties?


How do I book a trip?

Contact us here.

Information we need to take a booking:

  • the name(s) of the person(s) coming on the trip
  • an emergency contact telephone number, in case of cancellation, due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. (I may need to be able to contact you the day before your trip.)
  • a deposit of £20.00 per person

How long are Vouchers valid for?

Vouchers are valid for 2 years unless there is a price increase in which case the balance would have to be paid (this has never happened so far!). Vouchers are not refundable.

How many people can you carry aboard?

We carry a maximum of 8 people in comfort. There are 8 fishing stations (with chair and rods) on deck and dining space inside for 8.

How much does a trip cost?

A trip costs £75.00 per person (summer). This includes all of the gear: rods, tackle, bait and lunch aboard.

Or we offer a 3.5 hour shorter trip in the summer for £35.

£65 from Lowestoft for the 6 hour trips (winter)

Is the boat safe for children?

The boat is safe for children however please contact the skipper prior to booking to discuss lifejackets etc.

What happens if we are Sea Sick?

Unfortunately due to tidal constraints of Brancaster harbour, on our longer trips we cannot return to shore until the next tide. We do however offer seasick tablets on board.

Throughout the winter months at Lowestoft , I may return you to shore if we are not too far out. But this must be a group decision as the rest of the group may lose fishing time.

What happens to our deposit if there is a cancellation?

If we have to cancel due to bad weather your trip can be rebooked as near to the original date as possible, however if we can not fit you in or you are no longer on holiday here we will refund you deposit.

What's for dinner?

On a normal £75 per person day it will probably be a buffet so you can help yourself between hopefully catching fish. If it is a corporate trip £1000 for the whole boat it is likely to be Lobster cooked aboard and wine but most things can be done aboard to suit your requirements.Champagne can be provided if requested.

What will we be trying to catch?

From May until the end of September is Tope season, from Brancaster Staithe.October until March is Cod fishing from Lowestoft Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Marina. April is Skate and Cod fishing again from Brancaster Staithe.

Do we keep our catch?

Yes you keep your catch as long as it is of legal size except Tope which are protected and Female Skate (volentary, This is not the law but makes a lot of sense) which are full of eggs this time of the year (April-May).

Can't find the question you need answering? Email us and we'll be happy to help.