Norfolk Fishing Trips & Charter

Terms and Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions of Booking apply to all bookings confirmed to a customer by Norfolk Fishing Trips and by entering into a confirmed booking the customer agrees to be bound by them.


A booking will be provisional until Norfolk Fishing Trips receives the following:

  1. Deposit or payment as defined in Section 2, below.
  2. Customer name, address, telephone numbers and email address.
  3. Upon receipt of the above Norfolk fishing Trips will confirm the booking by email.

Deposit or Payment: 

  1. A deposit of £20 per person is required for booking any trip. The balance of the fee is payable on the day of the trip.
  2. On the day, we can only accept cash as payment for the remainder of the fee, no cheques or credits cards.

Cancellation by Customer:

  1. We require a minimum of 14 days’ notice of any booking cancellation. Any deposit paid will not be refunded after this time.

Cancellation by Norfolk Fishing Trips:

  1. If your fishing trip is cancelled due to weather conditions or boat malfunction, we will either issue a refund of the deposits paid or propose a suitable alternative date.
  2. We have a policy of a minimum of 3 people booked for a trip to go ahead. If we are unable to fulfil this policy, we will cancel the trip and will we will either issue a refund of the deposits paid or propose a suitable alternative date.
  3. Norfolk Fishing Trips does not accept any responsibility for any expenses incurred by individuals if trips have to be cancelled for mechanical breakdown, weather or other unforeseen circumstances


  1. Refunds will NOT be given in the following instances:

    1.1. A person becomes unwell during a fishing trip and requests to be returned back to shore.

    1.2. A person decides they just don’t like fishing or being at sea and request to be returned back to shore.

    1.3. Late arrival and subsequently missing the fishing trip.

    1.4. You are abusive or violent towards the skipper, crew or other passengers.

    1.5. Should you not be successful in catching any fish.

Weather & Tide:

  1. All charters are subject to weather conditions. We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to bad weather (even at short notice), although we will endeavour to contact you, by email or telephone, by 7pm the day before your trip.
  2. There are two key factors we need to consider, wind and swell. Depending on how these two factors are impacting will determine if we are able to head out or not. Norfolk Fishing Trips decision is final with due regard to safety and common sense.
  3. All trips from Brancaster Staithe are dependent on tides. 3.5hr trips are across 1 tide and 8.5hr trips are between 2 tides. If tides force us to return early or late, we cannot be held responsible for missed connections or other costs, nor shall any partial refund be given.


  1. We advertise all of our trips based on what we would, seasonally, expect to catch in the areas that we fish. Fishing for a certain type depends on a number of things; species, the time of year, the water temperature, currents, barometric pressure etc. No refund or discounts will be given in the event of fish advertised not being caught.
  2. Our skipper and crew will work their hardest to get you on to fish. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will catch any fish. No refunds or discounts will be issued for days that fish aren’t caught.

Gift Vouchers:

  1. Voucher numbers should be quoted when making the booking.
  2. Vouchers expire after 2 years.
  3. Vouchers are non-refundable, but we would agree to transfer into another name, by prior notice.

Insurance and Legal:

  1. Any person taking their own equipment onto the boat, do so at their own risk. Norfolk Fishing Trips will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings.
  2. Anything you catch, you can keep if above legal minimum landing size and not subject to a landing ban. Topes are tagged and released.
  3. Any medical conditions that might affect a customer during the trip MUST be reported at the time of booking,
  4. Norfolk Fishing Trips maintains Public Liability Insurance.
  5. Drug abuse or excessive alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden on board the boat.

Marketing and Promotion:

  1. Throughout the trip we take photos. By accepting these conditions, you agree that Norfolk Fishing Trips may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever.
  2. If you do not wish to have your photographs published, please notify us at the time of booking.

Version 1 - July 2015